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The fresh air ventilator allows us to enjoy the life of fresh air

December 17, 2019

  The desire for a comfortable environment is no longer the patent of developed countries, now many domestic people also began to pay attention to the quality of life, the air quality requirements, not only requires the air temperature field to meet the comfort of people, but also requires the air impurity content and harmful gas content as low as possible.Therefore, indoor air conditioning can not only use air conditioning equipment for temperature adjustment, but also need to introduce fresh air through the fresh air ventilator outdoor air to adjust the indoor air composition.

  In order to save energy, a fresh air ventilator is usually used to reheat the air discharged from the room and the fresh air introduced from the outside, so that the difference between the incoming fresh air and the indoor temperature is not big.The main equipment to realize this process is the heat exchanger in the fresh air ventilator.The fresh air ventilator with small volume of air is usually window type, installed directly on the window;Large volume of fresh air ventilator, installed in the outdoor or arranged in the ceiling ceiling.The heat exchanger used in the fresh air exchanger should have the characteristics of small volume, light weight and high heat exchange efficiency.At the same time, the pressure loss of air flow through the heat exchanger should be small.Otherwise, the energy recovered by the heat exchanger is less than the energy consumed by the fresh air ventilator.Therefore, the research of different types of heat exchangers can provide technical reserves for the engineering design of fresh air ventilation.

  Fresh air ventilator can improve people's high requirements for living space air quality, especially in foreign developed countries, the new air ventilator requirements are more stringent.