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Installation of vertical mounted fan coil unit

December 17, 2019

The installation

1. The unit shall be installed by professionals skilled in the product and local relevant regulations.

2. In order to eliminate unexpected conditions that may be caused during transportation, the unit coil shall be inspected for leakage (1.0mpa) before installation.

3. Before installation, first check whether the preparatory work is ready, such as air pipe, water pipe, wire interface and unit fixing screw.

4. The vertical unit is installed on the horizontal ground;Horizontal units for hoisting, advising clients to use 6-8 mm diameter of the threaded screw with fixed, flat washer, spring washer and nut should maintain a stable unit assembly, hoisting points should be tighten and need to have enough strength to bear weight of the equipment operation and the vibration of the runtime, lifting unit shall ensure that the water dish slope to drain more than 5 °, favors the condensed water outflow.

5. When the unit is installed, the connection between the water pipe and the unit is suggested to adopt flexible pipe and raw tape seal. When the pipe is connected, the force should not be excessive, and the torque should not exceed 205.6N.M to avoid torsional crack and leakage.

6. Water filter shall be installed on the unit's inlet pipe to avoid dirt blocking the coil;The water inlet of the unit should be softened to ensure the heat transfer efficiency of the coil.

7. The inlet and outlet water pipes of the unit shall be equipped with valves to cut off the water source during water flow regulation and maintenance;Pipes shall be pre-insulated to prevent leakage of condensed water.