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Industrial Axial Flow Exhaust Fan

April 27, 2020

Axial Flow Exhaust Fan Industrial Use


the axial fans for the new generation , designed and produced by our company after the research on drencher drawers and paint tables, whose performance indicators of voulme, pressure and noise are at the leading level in our country, the preiduct is good for environmenttal retection and energy saving, which sha a good social and finacial benefit.



Models for outdoor exhaust: Can be connected to outdoor by using the separately sold exhausted duct.
Compact: Compact design without worrying about the placement area.
Super compact: Super compact design, with a placement area of 0.168m2
Little Drain: Up-to-date structure integrated with heat exchanger Significant decrease in drain
Snug to wall: Can be placed close to the wall on three sides.
Air filter: Easy-to-clean air filter.
Durable filter: Large surface area, with no necessary to be frequently maintained.
Built-in auto swing mechanism: An auto swing mechanism is built in the unit.
No swing mechanism
Exhaust duct: Can blow the hot air from the outlet upward.