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Fan coil cleaning

December 11, 2019

  The fan coil is usually installed in a sealed environment, so it is important to clean and sterilize the fan coil.Let's talk about how to clean the fan coil after use.
  Cleaning work can be divided into filter, water, coil, fan.Filter net is cleaned every three months commonly, had better be the way that uses cleaner to suck clean is handled, remove filter net to use clean water pressure to wash or brush, or the clean way that brushes with liquid medicine, clean, wait for air to dry to install again on filter net frame.This step is more cumbersome, but is also a particularly important cleaning step. Receive water dish to need to clean twice a year only, clean means uses water to wash commonly, sewage is natural discharge, can add bleach additionally, clean disinfection. Dust attached between the coil fins should be blown and sucked once a year or cleaned with water to maintain smooth ventilation. If the fan impeller is contaminated with dust, it should be cleaned once a year. If it is not cleaned in time, the fan's air supply will decrease significantly and the power consumption will increase. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of air filter, drip tray, coil, fan and other main components, to ensure the normal function of the fan coil, no negative impact.